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If you’ve arrived at this page then you’re hoping to learn a little more about the Food With Attitude team. Welcome and let me to introduce you:

Jay Bee – Creator & Author:

Hi! I’m Jay Bee, creator and writer behind Food With Attitude (FWA) and all of the characters who live in Mixed-Up Market Valley.

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Who is your favourite character?
I am a Primary School Teacher Librarian and have worked with young people most of my life. I’m absolutely passionate about getting kids to read because I really believe that reading is food for the brain and can make you a smarter and better person. I live in Wollongong NSW with Mr Bee and my two children.

The idea for FWA has been evolving in my mind for quite a few years now. It all started out with Zany Zucchini. I was teaching kindergarten all about the letter Z and looking for a story to read. I really couldn’t find anything appropriate, so I made up my own fun story using Zany Zucchini as the main character. I quickly realised that this alliterated food character was a hit with the kids so I started to develop some more characters along the same line.

After some time and a lot of thought I decided that I could combine these characters with another area of interest for me, and that is the study of people and human behaviour – or to put it more simply – why people are good or bad and everything in between. This lead to the creation of Mixed-Up Market Valley, a fictional town where characters like Bad Banana, Cheerful Cherry, Stressed-Out Strawberry, Crazy Carrot and Wicked Watermelon could live and interact with each other.

The other thing close to my heart (and I’m sure yours as well) is FOOD. Food With Attitude represented a great opportunity to talk about the importance of nutrition and whole foods in our diet. And for growing bodies, this is really important.

So far there are three books available from the Food With Attitude series – Bad Banana, Crazy Carrot and Wicked Watermelon. Because I’m a teacher I wanted the books to be more than a story, I wanted them to be a great learning experience as well. For this reason the books are made up of three parts – the story, a food fact page and a character recipe page (that’s right teachers – three text types in one book!).

At the moment I’m busily working on the next character in the series so I need to get back to work.

Before I go, let me introduce to FWA’s illustrator – the AMAZING Daniel Geen.

Daniel Geen – Illustrator:

I had been looking for an illustrator for FWA for some time. I trawled through the Internet trying to find artwork that matched what was in my mind. I knew exactly what the characters and the town looked like but my stick creature drawing ability certainly was not going to help me. Daniel and I had never met before when we were invited to a mutual friends 21st Birthday party(I still owe you one Courtney!). Somehow Daniel and I wound up next to each other and started chatting. Daniel told me he was a graphic design artist so I asked him to send me some of his work. The moment I saw samples from his portfolio I knew that Daniel was the one who I wanted to illustrate for me. I gave Daniel the concept and characters for FWA and he just seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. There is nothing that this guy can’t draw. Check out his amazing Halloween Jack-o-lanterns in the Wicked Watermelon story.

Not only is Daniel a very talented artist but he’s also a really cool guy. Check him out at www.sketchystart.com.au.

Samantha Bartlett – Nutrition and Dietary Practices

Not being qualified to provide nutritional advice, I needed someone to help me with the Food Facts pages in the books. I didn’t have to look too far to find Sam, she is my cousin. Sam is qualified in Dietary Practices and works for New South Wales Health (Australia). When I asked her to come on board with FWA she was only too happy to help. She said she has worked with a lot of crazy people in her time so working with Crazy Carrot was right up her alley!

Wade Ingold – Graphic Design Artist and Web Site Developer

Through Daniel, I’ve been fortunate to get another talented person to join the FWA team. Wade is both an artist and very cluey web site developer. When he is not looking for waves, Wade is busily working on making sure that FWA is well represented in Cyberspace. You can check Wade out at www.2533graphicdesign.com.au.

So there you have it!
The Food With Attitude team.

If there is anything else you’d like to know just shoot us an email at info@foodwithattitude.com.au